Chakra Box

Chakra Box

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The Chakra box gives you the tools to get your chakras aligned.

  1. Chakra crystal pouch (rrp $35) These chakra crystals have been lovingly hand-picked to provide you with the best and most gorgeous tools to help you centre your Chakra. Read through the Chakra chart to learn more about each chakra and the crystal that relates to it.
  2. Chakra cards ($24) These cards are my favourite!! Made by the beautiful and soft souled artist Marta Kamilla. We met at the Mind Body Spirit Festival and knew that we would work together. The cards are so organic and personal, and I LOVE the messaging that accompanies the artwork! A mix of 3 cards have been hand picked for you. Meditate on the specific card and chakra as this was selected for you by the universe. Marta has also provided an offer to buy the whole 7 cards (one for each Chakra). You can gift the card to someone you love that needs a pick me up, or keep them for your vision board.
  3. Chakra bracelet ($8) I am loving crystal jewellery at the moment and wear my chakra bracelet every day. It helps to centre me and give me some harmony throughout the day. I highly recommend wearing your bracelet when you feel a bit down or just need a boost as usually you’ll find your chakras are out of balance.
  4. Nimbin candles 2-hour tapers (rrp $8) Nimbin Candle Factory is a family run business, supplying non-toxic, smokeless, traditionally made candles. All Nimbin Candles are made for the user in mind, not the market, guaranteeing a perfect burn every time. You have every colour candle for each chakra + a white candle for clarity and purification. Feel free to light and focus your energy on the chakra colour that calls to you. **never leave your candle unattended else your chakra will be completely out of whack!

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