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The Goddess Box originated from a want and desire to create a new age gift box that I could spoil myself and the Goddesses in my life with.

I have grown up as a believer of the spiritual plane and of something that’s intangible but so ever present in our everyday lives. When my mum read to me when I was very young, it wasn’t about pretty girly things, my favourite book was called Bony Legs, and it was about an old witch.  For some reason I was attracted to the book and the occult.  My Eastern European parents were also open to the realm of witchcraft and psychics, having had many experiences of their own.  My mother’s friend would visit and read my mum’s Turkish coffee and I would watch in awe.  Later I started to read up about Wicca and became a teenage witch.  I kept my practice to myself and focused on visualisation and personal growth.  I read I Ching cards quite frequently from the age of 12 and then transitioned to tarot cards in my later teens.

Then life came along, with a career, and bills etc and all of that was packed in a box for later.  In the last few years, I’ve dusted off the cards and have reignited my passion for all things new age.  I love to learn about the different aspects of it:  numerology, runes, crystal healing and I can’t get enough.  That’s how the Goddess Box manifested. I know there are so many like-minded Goddesses out there that are on a similar path to me.  You want to know more, you are practicing and you love all things new age.  This is the box for you.

I hope you enjoy what you get from the box as much as I enjoy creating this for you.

Your Goddess,

Melissa xx

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